Commercial production company

As commercial production company Caramel Pictures is mainly focused on making videos of food products and live action films. They are located in the Netherlands and one of the leading companies in creating and producing advertising videos for television and new media. Their success is thanks to the combination of the dedicated experts and the high quality technology in their studio. With this technology they are able to present products like food in an amazing and inspiring manner. The production of food videos asks for a special kind of technology. It can be very difficult to present the food in a way that makes them more than attractive for the audience. This commercial production company knows how to present them at its best. They take it a step further and all videos contain of the best light and colours. These details are important and essential for the presentation. For years since 1977, Caramel Pictures is using advanced techniques to create the best videos for their clients. Right now they are an award-winning company frequently asked by well-known brands. Active in the regions Europe, North America, Latin America and India you can say they are an established commercial production company.

Commercial production company with the best facilities

One of the reasons this commercial production company is this successful is because of their impressive facilities for their productions. Next to the amazing studio they own a collection of the best technology needed to make the videos. For their specialized tabletop and food films they use the following equipment:

  • In-house special FX
  • High speed cameras
  • High speed Robotics
  • Lighting sets
  • Production stages
  • A water tank
  • Post-production services

These materials make it possible to create all amazing ideas processed by the experts working at this commercial production company. Their creations are filmed with the most modern and advanced high quality equipment. The robotics make sure that the cameras are able to move in a distinctive and exciting way for the most amazing effects on video. If you check the videos published on you see what they are capable of. It is clear that they can make the most beautiful productions for the food products. If you need a production company capable of making the best food shots for your company, than contact Caramel Pictures. You will work with the leading commercial production company in this branch in making the most advanced promotion films.

The directors of the tabletop studio

The videos of this commercial production company are made in the tabletop studio. Created to produce the most amazing effects with the food products. This studio is used for all videos you can see on Several companies like KitKat, McDonalds, Senseo and Lay’s have been working with this commercial production company. These are familiar brands working with the food directors who are responsible for the production of the videos. It is true you can have the best materials, but if you don’t have the right persons to direct them, the videos will not succeed. This makes it obvious that the success is because of the total package, great minds and great techniques. This commercial production company delivers its products in high quality in every level. Are you looking forward to work with these amazing people and do you want your products to be presented like the products of KitKat or Nestlé? Contact Caramel Pictures and make an appointment for your next production. For sure it will be worth it and they will create a video that will be reminded for a long time.